The Pagoda Cos : new restaurant of the palace Reserve

Practical info

The Reserve hotel and Spa

42 Avenue Gabriel
75008 Paris 8

Franklin D. Roosevelt (line 1 – 9)

14-32 euros (wine by the glass)

18-29 euros (entries)

34-76 € (flat)

After The Gabriel**, The hotel luxury spa Champs-Elysées opens The Pagoda of Cos, a second restaurant at the eastern mind in the sumptuous surroundings of this private apartment of the Nineteenth century.

Michelin-starred chef Jérôme Banctel offers you to embark on a culinary journey and spicy in the new gourmet restaurant of the palace Reserve***** : The Pagoda of Cos.

This former hotel Haussmann in the Xixth century, located in front of the Grand Palace and open since 2014, combined already hotel, spa and a michelin-starred restaurant in February of last year, The Gabriel** It is now in the chic and relaxed in the large lounge of the luxury property that has established The Pagoda of Cos, a new gastronomic offer outcome of the collaboration of Olivier Derenne of the Counter Peppers and Jérôme Banctel.

The one who has been executive chef Alain Senderens at Lucas Carton*** has developed an innovative menu that takes us on the spice route from China toIndia via Japan. The dishes want to the image of the show : elegant, refined but with simplicity. In fact this gives a terrine of Saint-Pierre and the spinach very graphic, with 3 points of sauces, very hungry and a salad of crisp green beans with acidity of the seasoning allows for a perfect balance of tastes.

We go then to Japan for a pork cutlet, curry sauce and a vinegared rice surprising lightness. Almost as surprising as the dessert : a simple shell of meringue sculpted coffee bean and containing treasures of subtlety sweet and iced. The wines are particularly well advised by the staff room that you will be particular discover those of Michel Reybier, the owner of The Reserve*****.

A table and a place of exception who obviously have a price : for a formula starter / main / dessert count around 80 € without the wine. Ideal to mark an event and put one foot in the universe, select of parisian palaces.

Practical information:
The Pagoda Cos
42 avenue Gabriel

75008 Paris – France
Reservations: 01 58 36 60 60