The patties of the kings of Yann Couvreur

Yann Couvreur Pastry

137 Avenue Parmentier
75010 Paris 10

M°11 – Goncourt

12 euros (for 2 to 3 people almonds)

24 euros (4/5 people almond)

24 euros (for 4/5 people with hazel)

36 euros (6/8 people almond)

For its first Epiphany in its new tea room and pâtisserie, Yann Couvreur has imagined 2 patties for snacks. One hazelnut and the other is the traditional almond. 2 good choice for lovers of this sweet and generous.

Notice to all lovers of Galette des Rois, here is an address where you are sure to delight you. Yann Couvreur, in his first Epiphany in his new shop, offers you 2 recipes to choose from. On file side of the District of Goncourt in the 11th to take The cake that will delight all.

The cake is good, but it is better until the end of the line. For the galette frangipane, Yann Couvreur is attached to garnish the cake with almonds raw right up to the edge of the base. Thus, you will not be able to point to say that it is dry on the side. Well, yes, it is necessary to know how to be fun until the end !

For the recipe, we remain in the frangipane classic, which reassures the worshippers of the cake like me. But if you want a bit of madness without any change, choose the version with hazelnut in the form of…. hazelnut. In his crown-hull, it has it all. A foliation reversed in the butter as the other with a tip of flower salt for the frangipane, the background. We find the flavor of the grilled chestnut, it is a delight.

Cakes are light, the good taste of butter and slightly caramelized for croustiller without putting everywhere, it is cro cro good. The trim is 2 versions wants to be greedy and generous. We love the flavors of almond and hazelnut, long in the mouth without being too sweet.

And for collectors, note that thehas bean is the effigy of the shop, a cute fox that we all would like to catch it in his hand.

Practical info :
Yann Couvreur, pastry
Location : 137 avenue Parmentier, 75010 Paris
Metro Goncourt
Open every day from 8h to 20h

Cake almond
For 2/3 people : 12€
For 4/5 persons : 24€
For 6/8 persons : 36€

Cake hazelnut
For 4/5 persons : 24€