The Portuguese cuisine is modern to the table of the Astoria

Discover Portugal by the taste, revisiting the traditional Portuguese flavours with a modern twist and is the current proposal of the new menu of the restaurant Astória, in the Hotel Palácio das Cardosas, in Porto, which is distinguished by the variety and quality of the products that the land delivery to each station.

The culinary journey begins with the soup of butternut squash with lemon crème fraîche and crumble the sausages , or the salad of roasted beets with walnuts caramelised, blue cheese and arugula. The route follows the main course, with an obligatory stop in the cod cured and flavored with lemon and coriander, mashed chickpeas and shallots are caramelized. Cod is built for low-temperature (boiled and then finished in the oven with the coal) to optimize the texture and make it even more pleasant to the palate. It follows, then, to the meat, with two suggestions of “comfort” that pass by the tenderloin of lamb roasted in charcoal, grey French garlic and mushrooms and mashed potatoes with butter, toasted , and by lombo wild boar with pureed, roasted chestnuts, wild mushrooms and Port wine sauce with bitter chocolate.

Alternatively, and for those who prefer not to escape to the classics of the usual, there are four options cooked in a charcoal oven, as the poussin (chicken young) sauce with chilli , or a generous steak of the loin vitelão, that arrive at the table accompanied by vegetables of the season sautéed or au gratin potatoes with parmesan cheese.

The experience is complete with the pudding Abade regional egg ice-cream, the Porto wine, ideal to finish the meal with a little taste of home.
For groups from four people, the Restaurant Astoria offers a special menu to share, with three entries, a main dish (meat or fish) and three desserts.
The new charter of Astoria, with a concept that is focused on Modern English Cuisine is available at lunch, along with the weekly menu, and dinner.

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