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The precipice: High-flying free ride of the taste of cherry

The balloon rides are literally the highest moment of the festival that celebrates the cherry Fundão. Wine tasting, a Gastronomic Route and a lot of animation mark the next end-of-week, between days 8 and 10 of June, in the village of Alcongosta, in Fundão.

Anyone who is from the region already accustomed to the days of party nuts around that which is the fruit of the most emblematic for these bands: the cherry. Every year, the Gulf, and particularly the small town of Alcongosta, dress to party by the time of spring to celebrate this which is the short period in which the cherry if harvesting of trees and is ready to enjoy.

During these days there are balloon rides, train ride and bike ride through the cerejais, it is possible to the sponsorship of cherry trees, in addition to the harvesting of the fruit, and picnics. Because all of these activities open up the appetite, the Gastronomic Festival “Fundão, Here one Eats Well – the Flavors of the Cherry” takes place in various restaurants and bakeries in the municipality until 1 July.

This year, the fruit part to the discovery of other latitudes and catch a ride from balloon and airplane.

Cherry in addition to borders

In 2018, the Cherry Feast extends to Lisbon, Porto, Algarve and Alentejo, giving the know – and prove – this fruit of excellence.

The Gastronomic Route of the Icing on the Precipice of 2018, will take place between the 15th and the 30th of June, includes several restaurants that have special dishes cooked with cherry Fundão. This year, in addition to Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve, stretches the Alentejo. Some of the restaurants already confirmed for this edition are the Tasca da Esquina, Place, Prado, To Just, Quorum and Factory, all in Lisbon; Pedro Lemos, Euskalduna and Cantinho do Avillez, in Porto; L And, in the Alentejo; and St. Gabriel, and Vila Joya, in the Algarve.

In Lisbon, the mercado Municipal de Alvalade account with a bankroll of regional products between 5 and 16 June. The highlight will of course cherries and derivatives of this fruit (such as chocolates, pastries, liqueurs, tea, and gin), but there are also cheeses, wines, olive oils and sausages.

In addition, On June 10, there will be a distribution of cherries in TAP flights, making this product of excellence to the many tourists that every day arrive to Portugal.

Another possibility of feeling the taste of cherry, for the entire month of June, is to taste the ice cream Icing on the Precipice of Santini, an exclusive limited edition that 5 years ago, is served in these ice-cream parlours.

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