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The restaurant Faz Figura: a new concept for the (re)conquer Lisbon

Outside, the tourist continues to try to “catch” the National Pantheon in the photo. You enter and there are wine bottles on the walls. A few meters after, a beautiful room decorated with cutlery giants, murals, benches in the shape of a stopper and a wine cellar. After a short “range”, the historic restaurant Faz Figurain Lisbon, reopened in mid-February, with the name of Portugal Wine & Food by Does Figure. Is more contemporary and more democratic at the level of the different “paths” that the meal can follow.

The concept has changed. This beautiful room, air contemporary works and extended hours, serving throughout the day, snacks and wine, which saw the cards increase. The dispensers offer 48 choices of wine by the glass (at an early stage, the proof will be free of charge), joined some of the references “ top”, it will be possible to prove with the help of the system coravin.

Tables interactive give to know Portugal and the national network of partners with whom the Does the Figure (the Street of Paradise, 15B, Lisbon Tel. 218868981) will work. Producers, players, hoteliers and tourist give to know the “genuine products and quality, from north to south, local products and certificates”. Products can also be purchased in a store “dedicated to the best of Portugal”. Downstream, the idea is to also “take people to places of origin, by promoting itineraries that may include, for example, “stays, visits to wineries and tastings,” says owner, Peter Days.

Selection of gin and liqueurs

In the main room with 40 places, continues to a privileged view of the Tagus, but the space protects now with glasses, increasing comfort in the winter. In the background, a bar as well served drinks. There is a gin for all tastes: from the “Valley Gin” (€8) minhoto, using the wild herbs of the Serra do Gerês, up to the “South” (€8), with juniper and cistus of the Costa Vicentina. The letter of liqueurs wears the same “portugality”. Since the famous “Arrabidine” setubalense (€7) to the “Liquor of Chili” (€3,25) , of Cuba, and to the Liquor of Sweet Rice (€3,75), native of Valencia.

Without prejudice to the advice, the dishes presented on the menu come with suggested harmonizations vínicas, with wines from various regions. The menu is Portuguese, but ceased to be so fixed. Comes with the seasons and adapts, on a weekly basis, that partners do to get to the restaurant. An example is the meat: it has already been barrosã, mirandese and now is to serve up the flesh of the cow marine.

Portuguese cuisine

To animate the beginning of the meal, several appetizers and entrees. The “Country of Cheese” shows a selection of Portuguese cheeses. As a doom never comes alone, it may accompany with notes of marmalade, white Odivelas, jam raspberry of Trás-os-Montes, dried fruits and honey of Barroso… There is still the “Bacalhauzada” (€9), “Partridge Borrachona” (€9), selections of sausage, secret pork alentejo DOP (€8,75) stewed in red wine, “Mussel Tomatada” with coriander and gin (€7,50) and the excellent “the Nest of the Quail” (€8,50), that is, in fact, alheira of Mirandela PGI, with caramelized apple, red onion compote and quail egg.

In the main dishes, the highlight being a classic: the Cheek of veal mirandese PDO, steamed with spices (€24). You can’t ignore, in the same way, the tasty tuna of the Azores braseado, accompanying with cuscos has the singer and coriander (€24,75). Good alternatives in the octopus in the Algarve, in a crust of corn (€23) and in the cod of traditional healing TSG, marinated in Port wine, topped with cornbread, cabbage and beans (€23).

The Sunday lunch serves up a buffet of “cozido à portuguesa”, with fixed price from €23.50 (drinks not included). Between the sausages are, for example, the typical sausage bagged of Monchique and the chorizo Arcos de Valdevez.

The sweets

Must end as it began to drool with the richness and flavour of Portuguese products. The trilogy of ovos-moles de Aveiro (burned, in pastel and ice-cream €6,90) gives a good contribution. But you will leave satisfied with the pear of Sado, which is cooked in Moscatel de Setúbal, the Ice cream of Portugal or with the charlotte chestnut of Trás-os-Montes with the wine of Carcavelos and sticks of the Marquis (€8).

The challenge of the restaurant Is Figure is, also, convert into a dynamic centre of events stimulated, promoting specific regions, workshops, exams and tastings. The restaurant opens from Tuesday to Sunday, from 12.00 to 23.30, and on Monday, between 19: 30 and 23: 30.

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