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The restaurant Forneria: Much more than pizzas and folders!

There is much yet to discover, in this vast space where one day it worked the Expo 98, now called Park of Nations. There is a calm zone, to the north, near the Vasco da Gama Bridge, where the peace and well-being are still possible in this troubled neighbourhood. The residential buildings are arranged aligned with the Tagus , and, gradually, begin to open shops, bars and restaurants that enliven the neighborhood, from a discreet and stylish.

Did on the day 10 of September of a year that the Forneria Pizzeria & Restaurant opened its doors. Are little more than 365 days of an adventure that promised to give that talk, more than by food, by the ambition of two members of the club felt that after all there was still space in the city to open more pizzeria. Rui Matos and Joaquim Nico felt that yes, and a year later just to see the house full to prove that they were right. And the prizes, of course, proving that more than an idea, are the teams and the ingredients, of course, that make all the difference.

To rotate the pizzas in the air, the Forneria Pizzeria & Restaurant was to seek the “master” pizzaiolo Vitor Cunha, professional, full of experience and full of desire to innovate. So much so that in January of this year comes the confirmation of the bet, with the Prize Panini assigned at the festival Madrid Fusión. They won the “Hamburger Gourmet Gorgonzola and Truffle” (€18) by the bold idea of joining flesh, a producer from alentejo, with a mixture of sausage Italian, panceta and fresh herbs. It’s all stuffed with gorgonzola and truffle, and then wrapped in pizza dough with 48 hours of fermentation.

Before moving on to the eyes by the charter of the Forneria Pizzeria & Restaurant, you might want to look with attention to the furnace, coming from Italy, the brand Acunto and made in Naples, with the clay of mount Vesuvius. Has 2500 pounds and had to be transported by truck, first to Barcelona and then to Lisbon, getting to the kitchen before any other thing to get past the doors of the restaurant (Via the East, 16 And, Parque das Nações, Lisbon. Tel. 933 294 274).

In the regular letter to Forneria Pizzeria & Restaurant has 15 pizzas regular and seven “Gourmet”, with highlight to the “Pizza Forneria” (€13), with mozzarella flor di latte, provola fumicata, clipboard, capers & rosemary, to the “Pizza White Truffle” (€14), with mozzarella flor di latte, white truffle, arugula, mushrooms & shavings of parmesan, and for the “Pizza Spek” (€13), composed of mozzarella flor di latte, provola, spek, arugula, olive oil, balsamic & parmesan.

There are also four Calzones in the Forneria Pizzeria & Restaurant, “Egg & Ham” (€9,90), “Shrimp” (€12,50), “Cherry Tomato” (€9,50) and “Calzone Prosciutto” (€11,50), and a number of proposals of pasta and Risottos, such as the “Risotto with Saffron”, with prawns, mascarpone and romanesco (€15). Don’t miss to take a look at the section of meat, where it appears the now christened “Burger Madrid Fusion award-Winning Gourmet Gorgonzola and Truffle” (€18), and also for desserts. It is unlikely that you leave in the kitchen the “Calzone Sweet with mascarpone and Nutella”stuffed with the one that is, probably, the chocolate cream the world’s most famous!

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