The restaurant Throws you to the River: a window to Lisbon

The GPS doesn’t always indicate the best directions and the car is definitely not the will take you to the door of the restaurant Throws you to the River. In Cais do Ginjal, Cacilhas, where dwells this delicious cuisine, the accesses are not obvious, but they are many and legend has it that the magic of this meal begins on the route. You can go down on the panoramic lift, which takes you to the edge of the Tagus river, or you can descend the cliff by stairs to the bypass and leave the same at the door of the restaurant.

The restaurant Throws you to the River, has a privileged view of the capital. Opened its doors 27 years ago, and since then it is one of the windows is the most beautiful Lisbon. The friendliness and the humility with which the team receives whoever appears is cozy. There are those who say that is part of the secret of the success of this restaurant.

In the kitchen, you can feel the unrest among the dishes that come out looking delicious. The menu is seasonal and for cold days there are several suggestions. To start choose fried Cuttlefish with mayonnaise, wasabi and pickles homemade (€8). In the main course, decide between Rice shrimp and fresh fish of the day (€16) or Linguine nero with shrimp, chilli and lemongrass (€16). In the menu of the meats taste Pork Cheeks in red wine with risotto and pumpkin butter (€15). Before you finish, save room to try the Brownie chocolate, dried fruits and Vanilla ice cream (€5), or if you prefer desserts less sweet, opt for the Panacota coconut with pineapple (€5).

It is not a naval port, but many customers opt for the boats as means of transport to get to the restaurant Throws you to the River. Tells the team that in the summer it is usual for some customers, the locals flee to transit through the waters of the river. The water taxis that make the crossing by the river, are seen several times to drop people in the “port” of the restaurant.

In addition to the delicious meals, the terrace of the restaurant Throws you to Rio (Cais do Ginjal, Almada. Tel. 212 751 380) is known to be one of the best places to enjoy the sunset. It is known that in winter the sun disappears even in the middle of the bridge. Already in the summer is the second pillar, which does the honors of the house and the scenery is magical. To accompany this moment with the Cocktail of the week (€7) and enjoy hours the most beautiful day in privileged places.

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