The Soul of the Discoveries in the restaurant Fish on the Boulevard

Even next to the most emblematic avenue in the heart of Lisbon, the Avenida da Liberdade, just open the restaurant at Fish on the Boulevard, full of Soul and History”, with a kitchen that stands for the fusion of aromas and flavours from several continents, but where it predominates over the influence of the Portuguese cuisine.

By the hands of Chef Luisa Fernandes, in the restaurant Fish in the Avenue, they live an adventure of tastes, dominated by the most genuine recipes of Malta, Morocco, Canada, Mexico, the Sudan and Rwanda, and that recalls the travels of the Portuguese navigators. Born in Monte Real, near Leiria, and better known as Chief Luísinha, was a nurse assistant of orthopedic surgery and a nurse, a skydiver, but after 30 years of other adventures, surrendered himself to the charm of the flavors and decided to follow the passion for the art of cooking. Passed by the “Pots of St. Benedict” in Lisbon, and by the “Robert’s Restaurant” at the top of the Museum of Art and Design.

The restaurant Fish in the Avenue proposed in the letter, four choices of Ceviche (between €9 and €13), made with bluefin tuna of the Azores, Salmon, horse Mackerel and Mackerel in the Azores. There is even Sashimi tuna, sardines, sea bass and mackerel, as well as Sushi, shrimp, mackerel, tuna and vegetarian (between €5 and €9).

In the main dishes to the proposals of the restaurant Fish in the Boulevard begin with a Soup rich of the sea (€8), followed by the sea Bream wild, sea Bass from the sea (€19,50), Octopus roasted with red wine Quinta da Pacheca (€17), and the Grouper drowned in rice of the sea, clams and razor fish (€38 / two people). Inevitably, there are two dishes unique to cod, “from The Inside” and “Asian” (both €19) and still the Lobster from Mozambique (€29), Moqueca Baiana (€17), Curry from Goa (€23) and Linguini shrimp and clams (€17).

And because, as you can read in the letter of the restaurant the Fish on the Boulevard, “the fishermen also eat the flesh”, there is a choice of Sirloin Steak with mashed mashed potatoes (€19,50).

The restaurant Fish in the Avenida (Rua Conceição da Glória, 2-6, Lisbon. Tel. 308 807 787) has 48 seats and was decorated by Teresa Leónidas. Taking advantage of the existing structure, introduced a set of notes I have added a link to the concept of the gastronomic, centered on the sea.

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