The summer came to the table in Fishing

Still not done a year of open doors, the Restaurant Fishing of Diogo Noronha in Príncipe Real, but already stands out as a unique project in Portugal. Under the philosophy of raising the fish and seafood national to the next level, ” he said in one of the most international areas of the city, always with the sea view, even figuratively speaking. The new card is still, after all, says Diogo Noronha, we have the best fish and seafood in the world.

In the letter that has just been presented to clients, Diogo Noronha , it is proposed in the Restaurant, Fishing, honor, color, sardines Portuguese. Are served with a creamy chickpea, peppers red braseados, citrus confitados and ice plant. An amazing entrance that takes on the greater consistency of the talented chef, that has to start, a tuna Tartar of the season, strawberries, and soybeans, cabbage, horseradish and the juice of beetroot and some green Asparagus on the grill, cantarelos glace, cheese of the island, charcoal and mustard from the sea.

In the main dishes, the new card from the Restaurant Fishing features Grouper of the stone of the Azores, fish this that Diogo Noronha wants to enhance. The introduction of the Grouper of the stone of the Azores is the reflection of the concern of the chief in reducing the ecological footprint. For this, you want to identify species in abundance in the seas, and national and associates with them the gastronomic proposals. Valuing abundant species less commonly used is, considers Diogo Noronha, one way to protect species at risk. In this sense, and also in the archipelago of the Azores, in the letter presents the Anchovy of the Azores, with bisque sweet corn, ears of corn, roasted, cockles in the marinade and salmon in olive negrinha.

In the tasting menus there is also news. Diogo Noronha is now proposing “The salty air”four times, and that pays tribute to some of the pearls in Portugal. Of the River Sado arrive to the oysters, the protected area of Ria Formosa comes the Valverde from the Beach and the archipelago of the Azores, the Grouper of the stone. In the menu “Tide”, a version of the more extended of the previous one, promises to take your taste buds on a journey from the land to the deep sea. The flavors of the mountain are the beginning of the experiment that can go up to 1200 meters of depth. There are seven moments filled tenders of the earth and of the sea, which pays tribute to the diversity of the Atlantic coast , and the connection of the Portuguese to the sea.

Also thinking in the summer, there are news in the pastry of the Restaurant Fishing. The creativity of Claiton Fernandes takes in exclusive to the menu “Sea breeze”, Strawberry and rhubarb, sable Linzer, cream Namelaka of zéphyr 34% and ice cream orchata rice. In the letter, the novelty is called “the Tomato”, a creation of creamy milk and basil, Olive oil DOP trás-os-montes and the land of vegetables.

Accompany the meal with one of the new cocktails, the author, created by Fernão Gonçalves. The highlights of the julep banana and cashew, a combination of surprising whisky with banana wood roasted in the embers, the vodka fizz flower of elderberry and cucumber, served in a glass unique created by the ceramist Cátia Pessoa, or the ever-famous negroni salty aged with fennel.

The Restaurant Fishing is located in Rua da Escola Politécnica, 27, Lisbon (Tel. 213 460 633). Closed on Monday.

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