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The taverns of the heads: the suggestions of Alexandre Silva

In the guide “Bars and Snacks” was released in November 2017, the Good Bed Good Table , and challenged some of the best chefs, the Portuguese, and to reveal their favourite places for a drink and a snack.

Each chief was asked to suggest three taverns/restaurants, and to explain briefly the reason of your choice.

Now meet the recommendations of Alexandre Silva, “Chef of the Year” in the edition 2017 of the Guide Good Bed Good Table, and responsible for the restaurant on-site, in Lisbon, which won the Fork Platinum 2017.

Tasca do Celso
“It’s not exactly a tavern, the owner called the Mayor, nor is it the alentejo, was born in Lamego. Even so, it has a great wine cellar and uses the product alentejo of exceptional quality. The highlight, the lamb, the rice and the grilled fish.”
The street of the Traders, 34, Vila Nova de Milfontes. T. 283 996 753

Green Apple
Near the train station of Santa Apolónia, “has a cod grilled with olive oil and salsa is very good, and some baked potatoes that I like very much also. Serves simple meals, with quality, and is a great place.”
Street railways, 84, Lisbon. Tel.218 868 780

Flower of the Star
“The kitchen of Mr. Germano is home-cooked, unpretentious, and the room is decorated with a rustic. To be very close to the PLACE, often a visit. Of the many dishes of the charter, advise the jaquinzinhos fried.”
Rua João de deus, 11, Lisbon. Tel. 213 969 869

Guide “Bars and Snacks”
The local identified in this article are part of the guide “Bars and Snacks” by Boa cama Boa Mesa”, which is for sale, with the Express, since Saturday, November 18, for €9,95. A bilingual edition (Portuguese and English), the guide “Bars and bites” features more than 350 suggestions of places where you can drink a glass of wine and savor the best snacks national. Above all, this guide is divided into seven regions (North, Porto, Central, Lisbon, Southern, Madeira and the Azores) is a tribute to all that keeps alive the tradition of the snack and conviviality. The guide “Bars and Snacks” can also be purchased in the Shop Press, with discounts for subscribers, and free shipping.

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