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The Top Christmas logs 2016 Pastry Chefs and Chocolatiers in Paris (page 1 / 13)

That you are rather chocolate, fruity or classic, you will definitely find your happiness in the many yule logs produced for these festivals of end of year 2016 by the Pastry Chefs of the capital!

Patrick Roger, Pierre Marcolini, passing by Cakes Thoumieux, these world-famous Pastry Chefs and Chocolatiers have stepped up efforts to fill your taste buds with these year-end holiday season, and provide you with extraordinary creations.

Check out our top Christmas logs 2016 major Head Pastry chefs and Chocolatiers in Paris.

  • The Christmas logs 2016 of Christophe Michalak
    Throughout the year, Christophe Michalak treats us, and for Christmas 2016, we propose 4 logs that are served by the eve family. There’s something for all tastes : classic gianduja-hazelnut-caramel, yuzu-pistachio, chocolate-hazelnut-banana-lemon-green and a log in a child-like Pecan-raspberry, which will amaze the children with his form of van !
  • Christmas logs 2016 by Patrick Roger
    Almonds are in the spotlight for these end of year parties 2016 in Patrick Roger as the famous chocolatier has created a beautiful selection of chocolate creations made from the famous fruit to devour without moderation!
  • Yule log 2016 in Cakes Thoumieux
    This year, for their first yule log, Sylvestre Wahid, creative director of Cakes Thoumieux, and the pastry Chef Alexis Lecoffre, have chosen to revisit the Black Forest!
  • Christmas Collection 2016 by Pierre Marcolini
    “Games & Delights” : this is the Collection of Christmas 2016, imagined by the House of Pierre Marcolini for these end of year celebrations.
  • Yule log 2016 by the chocolate Yves Thuriès
    For these festivals of end of the year 2016, the chocolate Yves Thuriès offer, in addition to traditional chocolates, a log that will satisfy the taste buds of adults and children alike!
  • Christmas logs 2016 by Nicolas Haelewyn
    This year, Nicolas Haelewyn, who has just launched his brand Karamel Paris, unveils its first Christmas logs for these festivals of end of the year 2016.
  • Yule logs, by Sébastien Gaudard
    This year, Sébastien Gaudard offers you, among other things, a log Mont Blanc light and creamy cream-based chestnut puree with meringue, vanilla from Madagascar and Chantilly cream
  • Christmas logs 2016 by Dominique Saibron
    Dominique Saibron offers this year four yule logs in the flavours diverse and varied and that, for sure, will delight the taste buds of the most gourmand(e)s!
  • The yule Logs of Yann Couvreur
    For the festivals of end of the year, Yann Couvreur reveals the first Christmas logs of its new pastry-tea lounge. Gourmands will be in heaven with 4 choices as surprising as it is delicious.
  • Creations of pastry Christmas 2016 by Claire Heitzler for Ladurée
    A dessert, a log and macarons : these were the various creations designed by Claire Heitzler to the noble House of Ladurée.
  • Yule log 2016 by Christophe Adam
    For these festivals of end of the year, Christophe Adam wants to be a rebel and offers us not a log but flashes of Christmas, a box set Lightning bolt of Genius to share for the holiday meal!
  • Christmas logs 2016 signed Pierre Hermé
    For Christmas 2016, the famous pastry chef Pierre Hermé offers us 6 logs user-friendly to enjoy your meal, from 2 to 25 December 2016. Whether you’re chocoaddict, instead of fruit or just a fan of tangy, the creations of Pierre Hermé will wow your guests during the meal on christmas eve !
  • Yule log Eddie Benghanem
    The pastry Chef of the Trianon Palace Versailles, Eddie Benghanem, sign a series of several sweets and a log fairy-tale inspired by the universe of Deyrolles.

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