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The Varanda restaurant of the Ritz: Are truffles, lord, are white truffles…

In the cooking world, there are bad times and good times. The nature takes care to do his job and heads to the kitchen to turn the products into moments of magic to the table. Rejoice, therefore, the worshippers of truffles, it is time to enjoy, without that before if you awaken the senses with the aromas, dishes or full menus dedicated to this fungus the odd. At the Ritz Four Seasons Hotel Lisboa Rua Rodrigo da Fonseca, 88, Lisbon. Tel. 213 811 400), the menus of truffles, and, in this specific case of white truffles d’alba (Italy) as part of the annual calendar of chef Pascal Meynard, who makes a point of extolling its aroma and flavor through a variety of snacks, dishes (some real classics) and even desserts. The special menu dedicated to the white truffle, has some surprises prepared by the kitchen team of the restaurant the Balcony of the Ritz. Even before you explore the new menu, is to guarantee that after the white, which should be available by the middle of December (the head represent that the truffles this year are of the best of recent times!), the restaurant will present dishes with black truffles.

The Menu White Truffle-2016 (€140, includes amouse bouche, starter, main course and dessert) always with unexpected snacks that prepare the senses to evolve to the offer, including, on the day of the visit to the Balcony of the Ritz, the excellent Cappuccino of topinambur, coffee and truffle. Part of the Menu White Truffle, for a start, the chef Pascal Meynard suggests organic Eggs, white truffle, mushrooms, trompettes de la mort, crunchy hazelnuts or Scallops snackées, white truffle, sheet pepper and dark rum (€55 / 5 grams of white truffle.)

In the section dedicated to the inputs, one of the possibilities is the Risotto Acquerello, white truffle, mushrooms girolles smoked. Alternatively, arrived at the table a masterful Tagliolini fresh, white truffle and emulsion of Parmesan, simply ravishing (€50 / 5 gr. or €90 / 10 gr.). In such a way, that the dish, served with pasta in the shape of a nest, already has faithful fans, keeping this seasonal menu has been there for seven seasons. The menu made as a proof of the two main dishes, the meat made a debut to remember: Tenderloin of veal, supported by topinambur, green asparagus, white truffle and Pecorino cheese (€85 / 5 gr.), a delicacy only purchaseable at the scent of the own stars of the menu. A bet widely achieved. Already with a history, presents the proposal to the fish: fish Fillet-cock, tubers vegetables, white truffle and an excellent mashed cauliflower (€72 / 5 gr.). To close at nearly apotheosis, comes to the table more of a novelty, you literally do jump the cover (chocolate and decorated with a “nugget” of gold): Tiramisu, ice cream and coffee sabayon of white truffle (€25). Still recovering from the magnificence of the menu, with coffee, there arose a tempting macaron truffle blanche.

It should be noted that, at the request and by reservation, you can also ask for truffles in the Bar of the Ritz and, as a curiosity, that the same are available through Room Service, with the certainty that during the season, the scrambled eggs with truffles are one of the most requested dishes at the hotel.

What more can you add? Perhaps the lunch Buffet, the restaurant Balcony of the Ritz, continues to be one of the political centres of Portugal. With or without truffles…

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