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The World (food) is still in the Park of the Nations

20 years later, where a day took place the exhibition of national pride, still runs the world in the streets of the Park of Nations. There is no passport to stamp, or waiting lines to enter the attractions, but there is still much to discover in which to tastes regarding. Where it worked the EXPO 98, the restaurants spread around the grounds, demonstrating that, after two decades, this area of the city of Lisbon is still in fashion. In October, the iconic building of the Tower Vasco da Gama receives a new visitor, the chef Martin Berasategui, the Chef with the most Michelin stars of Spain, which opens to the public the restaurant FIFTY SECONDS by Martin Berasategui, a space with only 35 posts and that you want to be a reference to the restoration in Portugal and internationally. Already this month, the more media coverage and award-winning chef, the national, José Avillez (Head of year to guide 2018 of Good Bed Good Table) has opened a restaurant in the Park of the Nations, that in addition to the rest of the catering offer, evidence that the EXPO 98 still has a lot to last. Take this trip, take in the flavours of the World in the Park of the Nations, to the ride of Good Bed Good Table.

Cantinho do Avillez

More than a repetition of Wheezing, or of Porto, this space, with a terrace and view of the Tagus, takes to the table the classics of the “Corner” and still some new inspiration in the world. The charter is divided among “The most requested of the Cantinho do Avillez”, “Snacks and Small Inputs”, “Main Dishes”, “Nails in the Bread” and “Desserts”. Average price: €30.
Rua do Bojador, 55, Lisbon. Tel. 218700365

River Lounge Restaurant

One of the most emblematic buildings of the Park of Nations, Vasco da Gama Tower, the refinement serves at the table, next to the river, in the main restaurant of the Myriad by SANA Hotels. Start at the River Lounge, helmed by chef Frederic Breitenbucher, who created a proposal for a tasting of international inspiration, where gleam the national products. There’s grilled Octopus, beef Tenderloin, marinated, Turbot, sautéed and Breast of pigeon roasted on the bone. For dessert the proposal passes by Strawberry and rhubarb confit and Vacherin. Average price: €75.
MYRIAD by SANA Hotels, Cais das Naus, Lisbon. Tel. 211 107 600

D Cod
There are the “Faithful Friend” for all tastes. With cream, À Gomes de Sá, Brás, on Bread, with bread, To the manor house and up into strips, fried, with rice and beans. Can also be eaten grilled, à Lagareiro, cooked with all or baked in the oven. Are still the best pataniscas of Cod of the city. Average price: €30.


The machines to develop the meat to give views, the evil one enters the dining room of the restaurant. Came from Germany, and use salt from the Himalayas, to help in the process. By be the flesh fashion, you can repeat that there are ten different versions to find out. There is the New York Steak, T-Bone, titty Black Angus, and the Butcher Steak, among other options. The less daring can choose Burger as well as the Portuguese Nail of the loin. Average price: €30.
Avenida D. João II, 34, Lisbon. Tel. 216 052 789

The Old House

You can’t say whether it is a restaurant for the faint of heart. It is only for those who have the capacity to handle food well seasoned, Sichuan province, considered the most explosive of China, taking as a basis the chilli and the pepper in the region. To accompany the meal, try the Soup of Kung Fu, a broth-like soup served in a teapot, and try the grilled Fish of the day with spicy. Caution: the three malaguetas in the menu are to be taken seriously! Average price: €30.
Street Pepper, 9, Lisbon. Tel.: 218969075

Miss Saigon

Modern and minimalist, serves dishes of vegetarian cuisine inspired by flavours from all over the planet, using over 80% organic ingredients, from organic farming. Every day there are three courses: two dishes of the World, adapted to vegetarian cuisine and a specialty of the cuisine Miss Saigon. It was considered one of the best vegetarian restaurants in the world. Average price: €20.
Rua Cais das Naus, Lote 4.01.01. Lisbon. Tel. 210 996 589

Honorato Rio

Would you like a X-All, a Captain Faust or a Troika that is only the burger in the bread? These are the names of some of the famous burgers available in the house that turned the burger artisan in a trend of cuisine in Lisbon. If you prefer something lighter, opt for the option “Mini”, of course more small. Get inspired in the huge mural of the wall, where Camões, the author of the greatest saga the Portuguese ever written appears in the spotlight. Average price: €20.
Alameda dos Oceanos, 2.11.01 N, Lisbon. Tel. 218 967 207

Saves you
The motto of the house is “Snacks, Culture and View of the River”, and ressume well this restaurant where the food was made to share, runs the fate between two glasses, and shows the light of the city with the river Tagus to toe. The national products are the stars of the letter, where you can listen to young promises of the song of the city of Lisbon accompanied by a snack of sardines in the can that can also lead to try at home. The average price: €15.
Tour of Northwind, Building the Ship, Lisbon. Tel. 915 061 265

Cartel 36

Was created according to the logic that every thing that arrives at the table is to be shared. So you have large tables, which boost the meals extended. To do justice to the imagery related to the word cartel, the first thing to be served is a line… of oil in the powder to spread on bread. There is Sausage with asparagus, a plate of sausages and ham and Loin of veal. From 22: 00 the space becomes a bar, with a letter from gin competent. Average price: €20.
Alameda dos Oceanos, Lote 3.14.04 C, Lisbon. Tel. 211 382 280

Forneria Pizzeria & Restaurant
In the regular letter there are 15 pizza regular and seven “Gourmet. There are also four Calzones, and a number of proposals of pasta and Risottos. Don’t miss to take a look at the section of meat, where it appears the now-dubbed “Burger Madrid Fusion award-Winning Gourmet Gorgonzola and Truffle”, and also for desserts. Average price: €20.
Via Oriente, 16, Park of Nations, Lisbon. Tel. 933 294 274

(Text adapted from an article published in the Express Daily 24/05/2018)

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