The yule Logs of Yann Couvreur

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… December 1, 2016
… December 31, 2016

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Yann Couvreur Pastry

137 Avenue Parmentier
75010 Paris 10

M°11 – Goncourt

32-90 euros

For the festivals of end of the year, Yann Couvreur reveals the first Christmas logs of its new pastry-tea lounge. Gourmands will be in heaven with 4 choices as surprising as it is delicious.

We had talked about it, Yann Couvreur, who officiated with distinction on the Princes of Wales, has opened his own bakery, which is also a tea room, in the 11th arrondissement. For its first winter season, we offers a selection of 4 logs as beautiful as generous and of course delicious.

For the eve or for Christmas, come and choose among the choices that are open to you. Each log has a special flavor, the vanilla from the tonka bean, or cream of brown, it is fun. Too much sugar, have an exceptional finish, plays of texture and flavors that can change, the hard part is to choose.

The Log with chestnuts
90€ for 8 people
So perfect that one wonders how he made it. This log, including the visual recalls the texture of the wood is decorated with foxes malicious, the emblem of the pastry. If you look carefully, you may find the foxes that have a Christmas cap. This log signature, available only 100 copies, is composed of biscuit sacher, a creamy vanilla, meringue and candied chestnuts with the cream of chestnuts? Slightly contrary to what you might believe, soft but also crisp, this log is worth visiting for lovers of the brown.

The Log Marvel
49€ for 5/6 persons
Has the image of the pastry to the success, he imagined a few months ago for the opening, Yann couvreur offers you this log, which reveals a heart of praline with fleur de sel, encased in a meringue, topped with dark chocolate fondant. We love the pep of the tip of the salt, the crunch of hazelnuts and the fondant chocolate.

The Log lacks passion
32€ for 4 persons / 60€ for 8 people
On one side the worshippers of the chocolate who do not see logs of Christmas without cocoa and the other one has those in search of slightly and freshness to finish off nicely a hearty meal. For those, Yann Roofer offers a log composed of a ganache montée vanilla with meringue and dacquoise coconut, which hides a heart of mango and passion. The sweetness of the vanilla blends really nicely with the whip of the passion and the freshness of the mango.

The Log of chocolate tonka
32€ for 4 persons / 60€ for 8 people
You like chocolate ? So with this choice, you are good. The power and smoothness of the chocolate married with the enchanting fragrance of the tonka bean, it’s a killing friends. Imagine a creamy tonka generously positioned on a chocolate biscuit, all coated with a ganache lean also chocolate as a bonus a few splinters of cocoa. There is something to make fun of it.

As we told you, the hard part now is choosing ! And since it is necessary to spend for to order, enjoy one of the 3 new products of the season (or even 3, there was only one life). It was a big low for the paris-Brest, which is to roll.

Practical info :
Yann Couvreur, pastry
Location : 137 avenue Parmentier, 75010 Paris
Metro Goncourt
Open every day from 8h to 20h

Logs pre-sale from the 1st December in the shop