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Timber Terroir: Dinner wheel celebrates the colorful island

Honor the products of Wood and one of the places par excellence for the find – the mercado dos Lavradores is one of the key moments of this edition of the Route of the Stars. The inauguration of the event takes place, therefore, one of the most emblematic places of the island, the mirror of the diversity and color of its ingredients.

The debut of the festival of the gastronomic Route of the Stars take place this Friday, the 24th, bringing together a constellation of chefs who proposes to work the most typical and genuine local products.

The restaurants Il Gallo dOro (2 Michelin stars) and William (1 Michelin star) come together to pay a tribute and an interpretation of the very special local products. The event “Wood Terroir” happens on the 24th of march, in the Square of the Fish from the Farmers ‘ Market and presents a fusion between high gastronomy, oenology, music and performance.

In a relaxed atmosphere, the meal wheel offers a set of flavors spread across 18 grandstands, bring together more than 20 chefs, most of them Michelin-starred.

In addition to Benoît Sinthon (Il Gallo d’oro **) and Luis Pestana (William *), the “Timber Estate” account, with Diego Guerrero (DStage, Madrid **), Pepe Solla (Casa Solla, Valencia,*), Javier Olleros (Culler de Pau, Galicia **), Henrique Sá Pessoa (Alma *), Sergi Arola (LAB *), Alexandre Silva (Place *), Vítor Matos (Antiqvvm *), David Faure (Aphrodite *), Paulo Morais (Tail d Pêxe), Olivier Barbarin (Châteaux d Audrieu, France), Claire Verneil (Chief consultant, France), Noélia (Restaurant Noélia, Tavira) and Paula Peliteiro (Sra Peliteiro, Esposende). This range of heads invited, joins a team of Heads of PortoBay Hotels & Resorts and Belmond Reid’s Palace.

A tribute to the Portuguese wines will be the responsibility of the most recognized sommeliers Portuguese. Outside the Region, and invited to the event, arriving António Lopes, Miguel Martins, João Chambel, Francisco Marques and Nuno Jorge who join the local Sérgio Marques, Americo Pereira, Alberto Luz and Paulo Sousa.

This dinner steering wheel costs €140 per person, all inclusive.

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