Tip Filling: Café Buenos Aires

More than a restaurant, Café Buenos Aires, in Lisbon, is the cross of a love story between a Portuguese who married an argentine in Paris. The space tells the stories of meetings, trips and turns, ports and travellers with farewells and meetings, and also the cuisine, with family recipes from other latitudes. Joins all this, as a seasoning, the Tango and the Fado, another way of crossing continents.

Prepared every day with many fresh products and organic grown with love and very close to Lisbon, the culinary offerings, which include the Portuguese Azeitão Cheese gratin with arugula, Patties of Meat in Argentina and, of course, a wrath of argentinean meat grilled, served with chimichurri, sweet potato from Aljezur, roast, and salad bio.

Average price: €30

The Café Buenos Aires
Calçada do Duque 31 B. Lisbon
Tel. 213 420 739

Time: 12h00-01h00 (does Not close)

Tip Good Bed Good Table in partnership with the Stuffing: