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Tip Filling: Monastery Restaurant of the Piglet

The risotto with crispy suckling pig by chef Ricardo Fernandes, was considered the best rice dish of Portugal in 2016, but this is not the main reason to visit the Monastery restaurant’s suckling pig, which aims to revitalize the culinary tradition in the region of the Battle.

The rooms neat and bright, show a widespread concern with the details, which also extends to the whole letter of the restaurant. The duck rice with orange sauce and the lamb in the oven with roasted potatoes and rapini, in days certain, are two other reasons to justify a visit. Enjoy the diverse menu of steaks, with the best in the national courts.

Average price: €30

Monastery of the Piglet
IC2, Casal da Amieira, 38, Battle
Tel. 244 767 853

Time: 12h00/15h00 – 20h00/22h30 (does Not close)

Tip Good Bed Good Table in partnership with the Stuffing: