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Tip Filling: Restaurant of the Quinta do Paço

Just three kilometres from the centre of Vila Real, Quinta do Paço, is a regional restaurant, installed in a manor house of the XVIII century, adapted to the accommodation. The restaurant is a trip back in time at two speeds: the historical, for all the mystique of the building, surrounded by large gardens, and fine dining by the regional delicacies that you serve and that are tempered by the huge fireplace that dominates the room.

The medallion maronês is one of the specialties, but the octopus to lagareiro is a delight, cooked to the point. Don’t miss the Knee of the nut with the orange or the Lombelo with bread repolgas. End to the old, with a pudding Abade regional egg.

Average price: €30

The restaurant of the Quinta do Paço
Quinta do Paço Hotel, Arroios, Vila Real.
Tel. 259 340 790

Time: 12h00-16h00 / 19h00-00h00 (does Not close)

Tip Good Bed Good Table in partnership with the Stuffing: