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Today is World Day of the Slap! Celebrate the cuisine of “nuestros hermanos”

Today, the 15th day of June, celebrates the World Day of the Slap. The Good Bed Good Table presents a route of tapas with eight stopsin Lisbon and in Porto, so you can enjoy the best eggs ruptured, the iconic, potatoes bravas, the always yummy peppers padrón and iberian ham, as if the border closed tomorrow.

It is the result of the agglutination of the words “smack” and “snack” and it was more of a tear strong inspiration of Henrique Sá Pessoa. The meaning of “Tapisco” is, therefore, exactly this that is thinking. Yes, it is a signature restaurant that rips the convention of the fine dinning that the chief has us used to, and that, in time and with similar elegance, turns to the delicacy of the iberian peninsula. To eat with the hands almost always and to share whenever possible, the letter from the restaurant Tapisco runs the four corners of the cuisine of the neighboring country and join you for some of the specialities here, to compose a menu bold. The Huevos Rent are one entity in Spain and here, although many have tried, few succeed will enable people to them as Sá Pessoa. The Tapisco arrive in two versions, one with black pudding (€11) or Paletilla ibérica (€12), but are the same fresh eggs that they also serve as raw material to the Tortilla de Patata (€6). To go poking and sticking his fork in the plate of others, the list is extensive and well curated. To know: there are salads like octopus or roe (€12), with spice at the point, Croquetas of Iberian Ham (€4), fried Cuttlefish with mayonnaise, coriander and lime (€12), boards of sausages and cheeses and the classic Patatas Bravas (€6). The names of the dishes in Spanish were not jackdaw wow, it is so that are displayed on the menu – so there’s no doubt that in the Tapisco respect to the origin is taken very seriously. Accompany with cold beer or vermouth which, we believe, will be the next gin on fame and profit.
Rua Dom Pedro V, 81, Lisbon. Tel. 213 420 681

Taberna Ibérica
With a mix of Spanish food and Portuguese, the Tavern Iberian works such as the point of encounter between the two peoples, two cultures, and the cuisine. It is known by the long menu of Spanish tapas – in a good accuracy, there are six pages of suggestions – and for the wide choice of cocktails and spirits in general. It is, therefore, a place of joy, good conversation and very good food. Prices go and tapas, more than half a hundred, come to have a taste of that cock to the border. Calamari, croquetas, revueltos, tortilla, octopus to the galician, ham, patatas bravas or stuffed mushrooms are the classic, essential and arrive at the table in generous doses. To vary, there are Mussels in escabeche (€7,50), Petinga in vinaigrette (€5), an original Chorizo cooked in cider (€6) and Costeletazinhas pork with barbecue sauce (€8,50). Follow-up with a cana cold or with the traditional Rioja (Spanish red wine).
Praça da Alegria, 66, Lisbon. Tel. 213 476 023

Méson Andalusian
Not only has the description of the restaurant roaming because (we hope) to finally address in Rua do Alecrim, in Lisbon. Before the Méson Andalusian had already walked by the Wall and by Cascais and accounts made, they are already 30 years of service to the service of traditional Spanish cuisine – to prick and the other, knife and fork. The letter kicks off with a selection of tapas that combines the traditional with the suggestions more accurate and others completely out of the box, as is the case of the Gazpacho Andaluz with ice-cream of tomato, anchovy and something more (€6,50) or Eggs Ruptured with virutas (chips) of ham and black truffle (€7,50). The environment is not of the tavern, the cooking range also could not be. The Soup of partridge in a crust of puff pastry (€9,50) is required before moving on to the Espetadinhas pork (€5,50) or the Mini squid fries (€6,50), always married with a potatoes bravas , and a Revuelto egg with ham and asparagus. The same ham can be bought in the delicatessen of the restaurant, to take home or add to the meal.
Travessa do Alecrim, 4, Lisbon. Tel. 214 600 659

The designation of restaurant of the world is based on him in perfection. The letter of Arola at Penha Longa Resortin Sintra, travels across the seven continents, and takes in all of them but does not hide a certain inclination to the tradition of the iberian to the table. A restaurant where the cover charge comes with a list of instructions, “the tomato and the garlic should be cut and barred on the bread and drizzled with olive oil and salt”, we already know at the outset that you know very well the place and the functioning of things. And, therefore, is a winning bet. The informality of the letter, focused on dishes to share, combined with the accuracy of the chief Sergi Arola, result in a contemporary interpretation of the traditional tapas, as is shown in the Croquettes of duck smoked (€6), on Eggs and Potatoes, inspired by the eggs of Casa Lucio in Madrid, with potatoes fried in garlic and parsley, with ham Castro y Gonzalez and egg (€14) or in the Iberian Pig, which here is served in thin slices, with a pickle of chillies, parmesan, green apple and pistachio (€18). To poke without fear of getting your hands dirty, the chicken Wings glaceadas in kimchi and cebolo laminate (€8) are a must.
Penha Longa Resort Estrada da Lagoa Azul, Sintra. Tel. 219 249 011

Volapié Tapas Y Copas
The warmth of the Bullring is able to have contributed to the exacerbation of the iberian culture, but in the case of the Volapié Tapas Y Copas cultural manifestations that are for the good part, the food. Traditional Spanish cuisine without pretensions, in a relaxed environment and ask for a “cañas and a few croquetas at the counter. In addition to the Muxama of tuna (€7,50), drove narrowly (€6,50) and the board Volapié, with cheeses and sausages (€29,50). To mark the international Day of the Tapa, the restaurant adds a new feature: the Montadito of cod and tomatada (there are more than a dozen montaditos in the letter to prove).
The square of Bulls of the Campo Pequeno, the Store 608, Lisbon. Tel. 217 930 043

Inn Tapas
Son of fish knows how to swim and the Inn Tapas confirms the prophecy. Installed in the Spanish chain El Corte Inglés, is a worthy representative of the cuisine of the country, with a letter that invites you to “fool” without ceremony, drove narrowly tempered, squid fried with a spicy sauce (€6,20) or Peppers of piquillo stuffed with crab (€2,80). The black pork Cheeks (€6,20), and the cheese Manchego fried are the winners indisputable of the charter, but for €1,95 can be left in the hands of the chief and embark on a slap mystery is made with the ingredients of the day. In the charcuterie, the cheeses, sausages and cold meats can be served at the moment, or wrapped up to take.
El Corte Inglés, Av. António Augusto Aguiar, 31, Lisbon. Tel. 213 711 700

The Wine Box
Whether you come for the wine, whether it be the tapas, here will always with the feeling of a mission well accomplished and with the levels of satisfaction of busting the scale. The The Wine Box, one of the best kept secrets of the zone of the Ribeira of Porto and, as the name already allows us to see, is a wine cellar which by chance also serves very good Spanish tapas. To drink there are more than 450 references of national wines, to savor dozens more options, and a category solely dedicated to the perfect marriage between the egg and the potato, with a third element that can be bacon, or a spicy sauce, in the form of tortilla, chips, slices or crushed. Of the rest, and not missing the Octopus to the galician (€12,50), the Wank of cod with black pepper (€4,50), and the Prawns in garlic (€9,90). Do not let pass the fork through the Bread prawns with eggs of quail (€7,50), while it will keep trying the luck with the Peppers padrón, of which, as you know, there is always one that does not forgive.
The street of the Merchants, 72, Porto, portugal. Tel. 222 034 100

The one who enters in the restaurant Traces without knowing that it goes out without notice as well as is that a traditional dinner three times, with entry, dish and dessert, will be transformed into a tasting of Spanish tapas. Logo on the first page of the letter is taken the decision not to proceed to the dishes full, after all a half-dozen different flavors are worth more than just two or three. We advise you to choose a wine that transits easily between meat, fish, eggs and vegetables to not break the rhythm of the meal. Start with the Croquettes cecina, Ham, beef, or the Traditional jamón (€7) to prepare the palate for what follows: a Serta black pudding with eggs, potatoes, and peppers (€12), the Shrimp crispy with muslin of garlic (€12), and, why not, the Rolled pork breaded with ham and pimento piquillo (€7). If you still have the courage, the Hands of pork with prawns (€7,50) is well worth the sacrifice.
Largo de São Domingos, 88, Porto, portugal. Tel. 222 081 065

(Text published in Express Daily 14/06/2017)

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