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Tradition and fusion at the Lighthouse Hotel: The hand that rolls the sushi

They have different courses in the art of working the sushi but will join in a dinner that promises to be a memorable experience. Two of the most interesting sushimans today to work in Portugal, Paulo Morais, the most renowned Portuguese chef and japanese cuisine Nuande Pekel chief resident of the Sushi Design – meet this evening in the backstage of the gastronomic experience. The stage of the composition – the board is still the pastry chef, Michael Rochae – is the Lighthouse Hotel, more specifically the your Sushi Design.

The menu, in the amount of €95 is constituted by four plates of sushi, traditional, developed by chef Paulo Morais, four sushi fusion, by the hand of the chief Nuande Pekel, and a dessert, prepared by pastry chef, Michael Rocha.

It is “one of the main references in this type of cuisine in Portugal”, is so that the host refers to Paul’s Moral, underlining that it will be “a great experience to welcome you in our restaurant” to jointly develop “an unforgettable dinner”.

Already the chief guest, Paulo Morais, reveals himself to be “delighted” to be able to take your kitchen “for outside Lisbon, for a restaurant with a frame as special as the Lighthouse Hotel”. For Paul, the Moral, the fact that it works more “sushi traditional” while the head Nuande Pekel dedicated to the “sushi fusion” is that this moment proves to be “definitely a dinner differentiator for this duality.”

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