Vogue Café Porto announces Brunch “Prêt-a-Porter”

When, in the same title, combine Brunch, Vogue, and a French term invented by a stylist, gives soon will open the dictionary more fashion that you’re close, to try to understand what can come out of here. It is not necessary, let it be. We promise not to overdo it in terms of fashion, because this is not our specialty. We like to write, yes, about good meals… But if they are served with great style, even better! As is the case of the Vogue Café in Porto that offers three menus brunch (almost) too appetizing to a row of the catwalk.

The first menu is baptized precisely for the French expression “Prêt-a-Porter” (€18), which means “ready-to-wear” and refers to the parts of clothes produced on a large scale. In this case, the brunch is done on time and will have to wait to be served, but you can count with the most common dishes of this meal already so famous. They are the Eggs Benedict or Bagel with salmon, crème fraîche and capers , and Mini Pavlovas or Pancakes with red fruits. To follow a natural juice (tip of the day or orange juice) and a hot drinkbetween coffee, tea, cappuccino or latte.

This is the menu more healthy, and definitely more green. For anyone who follows a strict diet, but still like to venture out for a good Sunday brunch, this option is ideal. Called “Veggie Chic” (€22) and, in addition to the natural juice and hot drink, the menu includes one of the dishes feel of the Vogue Café in Porto, the Crudités, a selection of raw vegetables, of the season, accompanied with sauces homemade humus, guacamole and salsa mexicana with tomato-based. This menu also has Pancakes Beets with poached egg and Smoothie bowl of banana and strawberry, with granola, seeds and red berries.

The third menu is the “Must-Have” (€24) for the flavours that combines. In drinks, the juice and drink hot sum-a flute of sparkling wine. With regard to the dishes, you can count on Yogurt with homemade granola, Pancakes with red fruit and a Bagel open, covered, on one of the sides with salmon and crème fraîche and, on the other, with eggs and bacon.

The brunch (yet) is in fashion and now the fashion has also reached to the brunch. These menus are served at the Vogue Café in Porto (Rua de Aviz, 10, Porto, portugal. Tel. 932100297) to Sunday, between 11h00 and 16h00, and for 4€ you can add a glass of wine or sangria, the mocktail or juice detox day or a mimosa. The Vogue Café Porto integrates the renovated hotel Infante Sagres.

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