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Vogue Coffee Port: The unbearable lightness of fashion

In the Vogue Café, the sophistication dress up for the apparent simplicity. In the decoration and on the table, dishes, cocktails and sweet treats are proving to be as desirable as a new trend.

Because a restaurant can also be stylish, light meals here served paired with wine and signature cocktails. The space, which houses a store of products in Vogue, there is also a mezzanine more demure for VIP guests, following the concept of international brand.

Because there are things that never go out of fashion, the Vogue Café (Rua de Aviz, 10, Porto, portugal. Tel. 22 339 8550) the stylish black, white and gold dominate the decor that compliments, on the walls, moments in a golden age of fashion immortalized on the covers of fashion magazine more emblematic of the world. Marked by the standards in black and white and touches of gold, the decoration has the signature of the interior designer in porto, Paulo Lobo.

Light contrasts between east and west
The chief Gil Raposo is also international. He has worked in various points of the globe and, in the last decade, has been in Macau, where, from 2003 to date, has been head chef of the Wynn Casino Resorts in Macau. The east brings the inspiration to notes exotic to confer color to the menu of the in – Vogue Cafe where freshness is the common denominator, dishes always light and colorful flavors plans with large predominance of vegetables and fruits of the season.

Healthy options and vegan, a tempting Desert bar, a selection of national wines and signature cocktails, some with Port wine, complete the offer of space to work in the continuum between 11: 00 and 1: 00 (until 2: 00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday).

Crudités of the season with homemade sauces (€13); seared Scallops in the Algarve caramelized, carrot, ginger and orange (€14); Bresaola homemade smoked, mashed peas, arugula and nuts (€13) are nice options of small plates that make the times of the entries. There is also Gazpacho of green tomato, ricotta cheese and lima (€7) and salads, among which stands out the green Leaves, rocha pear and roquefort cheese (€13).

Focaccia ham bisaro, mozzarella, fresh tomato, and arugula (€13) or Pastrami steak meat arouwuesa in bread (€14) are options in the sandwiches.

Dishes more compounds include, in fish, the grilled sea Bass with pearl barley (€24) and the Cod half-cure confined in olive oil, wonton crisp greens and grain (€22) and, in the meats, the ‘entrecôte matured, potato post-nerf flavoured with truffle (€23) and the Lamb in a crust tandoori, samosas with mango chutney (€24), a clear balance between the east and west.

In the desserts, all for €8, don’t miss the Panna account of orange, biscuit and crumble of coffee. Other options are the Parfait of rhubarb and pear, layered, madalena honey and the Cheesecake of lemon, ice cream, raspberries and wild.

Although the wines occupy, of course, an important role, (€4 to €15/ glass; €17 to €74/ bottle), there are signature cocktails (all $ 14) that are worth savoring, such as the Vogue Café Tonic (Belvedere, infusion of chamomile, ginger, pepper, grapefruit and pineapple), and, of course, prepared with Port wine (€10) as the Appliqué (Croft Pink, rum, lemon, fruit and cinnamon) or the Filigree (Fonseca Siroco Dry White Port, rum and lime).

The Vogue Café opened this Friday, the 20th day of April, and is inserted in the iconic Hotel Infante Sagres.

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