Walnut Lisbon: The grill that you are to conquer the capital

We’ve all seen, on cinema screens or television, film scenes in restaurants with stylish decorations, food presentations, refined and appetizing, a bartender at the counter to mix in animated form drinks colorful and a song that packs the entire room and you feel like dancing or at least tapping your feet to the rhythm lively.

There is no need to go to the cinema or turn on the television to enter a scenario of these, simply go to the Avenida 24 de julho, in Lisbon, (or, already now, up to the Rua de Ceuta, 23, in the Port. Tel.915181515) to find a space like that. The restaurant Walnut brings together the whole of this environment, and much more.

Meeting point for groups wishing to discover the capital, or stars of fashion and sport, raises the bar of service in this tourist area of the city, achieving, at the same time, to evoke some nostalgia and even do remember the glorious days of spaces such as the Alcantara Café, right next to the Alcantara Sea in the mid 80’s.

The Walnut trees Lisbon is the first of the projects of the brothers Ivo and Henrique Nogueira, born in the north and with a life divided between motor racing event and the restoration. At the same time that speed in powerful cars, they put the hands in the recovery, and, knowing that a concept born in the Port hardly would impose in Lisbon, opened the first space in the capital, opening shortly after in the “Invicta”. The concept is transversal to the two restaurants of the brand-Walnut: joint-quality food and perfect service in a cosmopolitan ambience and elegant.

The Walnut trees Lisbon is born in one of the most animated artery of the city, and joins under the same roof and tasteful décor, a central balcony where the mixology dominates and a DJ to accompany the meal with music, which at the end of the week if it makes it perfect for dancing.

The letter bet in the meats and on the grill, with proposals such as the “Buffalo Chicken Wings”, some chicken wings crispy with sauce American (€6,50) to begin with.

Are stars of the menu of the Walnut trees Lisboto the “Mini Mix Grill”, perfect for two, and that gasket 200 grams of Cake, other of put veal and short ribs, done slowly on the grid, and the “Carret” Lamb, prevail where 300 grams of tender and juicy meat. Impressive and delicious is the “Legendary Tomahawk 1KG” which, as the name indicates, joint around a bone, or a pound of the best meat. The accompaniments include Mashed Broccoli or Polenta, the “Gratin Dauphenoise” with Bacon and Frittata of Jalapenos, cheese and Bacon.

With a service that is impeccable and attentive, the Walnut trees have already conquered Lisbon (and Port), and prepares to seduce also Matosinhos, where soon will open a third group home. But, the formula of the concept is also preparing to take the leap and conquer other international destinations. The Walnut trees of Lisbon (Avenida 24 de julho, 68 F. Tel. 915181515), as well as Porto (Rua de Ceuta, 23. Tel.915181515), do not terminate. For dinner, reservation is recommended.

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