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Warehouse Customs: Creativity and food of comfort in Aveiro

Those who follow regularly the television programs that are related with food, for right instantly recognizes Daniel Cardoso, the young chef of 34 years, but already with 15 career, the owner of a large moustache and a big grin. Moreover, the hairiness facial is even a kind of trade mark, in particular after you have opened in Lisbon’s Praça das Flores, 44 (Tel. 932 661 572),the restaurant Le Moustache Smokery, where they serve dishes from the kitchens, Portuguese and american, reinterpreting the way if you grill or smoke the food.

Today, it is not easy to find Daniel Cardoso in Lisbon. Since 21 January, the boss packed his bags and moved pots and luggage to Aveiro, where in an equally iconic location, the Largo do Rossio, (Tel. 966 058 214) opened the restaurant Warehouse of the Customs. Is located on the ground floor of the equally new hotel in the city, the Stories per Square Meter, and serves, essentially, food is comfort with a touch of modernity, designed essentially to share.

The main concern of the restaurant Warehouse of the Customs is to serve meals spiced with tradition at fair prices, without losing the regional identity. So, every day there is a “lunch Box of the Day”, which for €10,90, in addition to the plate, the gasket still a drink and a coffee in the meal. Tuesday is the day of the Chicken in the bbq at the Warehouse with salad hot potato, to Wednesday suggests-if the Belly of pork at a low temperature with pearl barley mushroom creamy and Thursday is a day of “Quinotto” of the sea. With the end of the week approaching, on Friday you can count on Cooked-to-Warehouse. Alternatively, tell always the option to Fish of the Day.

To share, the regular letter of the restaurant the Warehouse of the Customs suggests regularly Oysters in the ria, Cod and onion four textures, the Belly of suckling pig confit, “Gravlax ‘ of beetroot, fish Tacos, Tataki tuna, The ear and the carrot, Octopus BBQ, Quail, chili and even Venison to the Warehouse. The prices oscillate between €9,90 €11,90.

Complete the proposals with the Turbot, the Curry and the pumpkin (€17,90), fish, and the beef Tenderloin (€15,90), and Loin of venison (€18,90), served on the plank with tomato confit, pickles and home-made potato rustic, in meat. To close the meal there is Banana toffee, the iconic Pavlova, also brand image of the boss, Panna cotta basil and Mousse de lima (from €3,50).

For those who prefer to be surprised with the creativity of Daniel Cardoso can opt for one of four seats at the counter and take advantage of the products of the day used in the recipes of the author. There are available in the restaurant in the Warehouse of the Customs a tasting Menu the individual (€37,50) or shared (€49,50), which includes six dishes to the chef’s choice, made preferably with local ingredients. The restaurant Warehouse Customs is closed on Mondays.

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