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Watt: the “power dining” Kiko Martins

In the letter from The restaurant on Watt, led by Kiko Martins, before dishes appears a kind of manifesto, that it gives immediately to understand the way that the head you want to follow, this is the sixth restaurant that opens in Lisbon. “Whenever I start a race on the mountain, I stay impressed with all that nature gives us. The land that so often serves as the pan or the hot stones with what can I replace the fire, everything inspires me to explore the energy that comes from food. I choose new paths: do I eliminate the fried, reduced fat, I’m going to explore ways to sweeten it. I decide to bet on raw, grilled and vaporised… have Fun”.

The explanations you made, it is then followed to the letter of the restaurant The Watt to understand that here, the premise is the food healthy, designed in particular for lunch (only open for dinner on Fridays and Saturdays), and served on a scenario created by the british designer Jasper Morrison. On the walls there are photographs by Edgar Martins, made in the buildings of the EDP. At this point you may want to warn you that the restaurant The Watt is in the iconic headquarters building of the company and that the name is an obvious reference to the location.

Returning to the proposals of Kiko Martins, n Watt is there, in the entries, “Tomato Bio with Burrata”, “Ceviche of The Cevicheria”, “Poke of Tuna” and the “Mini Tartar of ” The Butcher”. To go to the grid there is still “Mushrooms and Cauliflower”. In the main, also the grid turned out to be “Skewered Octopus Galician”, the “Lamb of the Middle East”, the “Scallops Mexican” and even the “beef Tenderloin”.

The steam, still on main, the restaurant, The Watt has a proposal for a “Prawn Indian Banana Leaf” and the other “salt Cod with Clams”. The desserts bring proposals such as “Pineapple, Yogurt and Pinion”, the “Energy Bar of ” The Watt”, “Acai and Gazpacho of Red Fruit” and “Ice cream and ice Cream”, naturally-sweetened, but without sucrose.

With a capacity for 100 people, the restaurant, The Watt is in the building of the EDP, (Avenida 24 de julho, 12, Tel. 211 369 504) and serves lunch every day of the week and dinner on Fridays and Saturdays. Average price: €30. All in all, Kiko Martins has six projects in Lisbon. When Watt joined The Café, the Surf & Turf, The Butcher, The Cevicheria and The Asian.

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