Were and they called it a Figu’s: An almost chronic gastronomic

There are certain preconceptions about dining in Lisbon, one certain, the other somehow wrong. We have always said that should be avoided locations strategically situated in the most touristy areas, is it not so? Now, remember that famous phrase: “don’t deny it is a science that is unaware of”.

If you are told that going to dinner in a restaurant in the heart of the baixa, the Beautique Hotel Figueira, Praça da Figueira? The first reaction would be to that can only cater to tourists because the prices are inflated and the food nothing special. Right? Wrong. Quite wrong, even.

The restaurant Figu’s can be, and was, a pleasant surprise. By the service attentive, friendly and nothing pretentious, and food that is actually good. You may not receive a Golden Fork in the next guide Good Bed Good Table, but not all restaurants have to aspire to such. In fact, the more genuine they are the better. The Figu’s, despite the location (which in fact is the exception) and all the possible aura tourist who can come, does not cease to be a restaurant “genuine with a twist” – that utmost expression of invent.

The Figu’s has the air of those restaurants that could serve as a scenario of any series issued in New York, such is the capability of the space you have in the abstract of where we are. And we all know that sometimes it is necessary to rest of the capital. The space is well decorated, clean and comfortable. Is in Lisbon, but could be in Soho, assuming that she would continue to do a tribute to the traditional Portuguese cuisine.

But let’s get to the food, that the text already goes long. Of the entries, the highlight goes to the Black pudding of rice with applesauce, the Peixinhos da Horta and the scrambled Eggs with sausage and asparagus. Then try the Octopus baby à Lagareiro, the Fish-cock with risotto sparkling wine and prawns or the Burger to the Fig tree of the steak, one of the specialties of the house. In the end, leave room for the Cheescake fig or apple Crumble.

The restaurant Figu’s (Praça da Figueira, 17, Lisbon. Tel. 218 872 194) has an average price of €30. The kitchen is open from 12.00 to 00.00.

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