Where to practice the verb esplanar from the north to the south!

The heat calls for a cool, nice, where we can relax, alone or accompanied, and enjoy a cool drink or a snack. A beer seems to be the best option: Of the thousands that exist across the country we selected some must-sees for esplanar with much pleasure.

Will Fava
The space is the opposite of what it advertises. Rather than send us away, invites you to enter, stay and return. Green, stone and water, elements that mark the landscape of the minho region, are also present in the framework of this unique location, on the banks of the river Lima. The huge and nice terrace of Going to the Beans is to relax with their eyes fixed on the landscape, and the ears embevecidos with the balance of the trees. Whenever the heat tightens, the space serves as dining room. And that well that is on this amazing terrace! The table fits perfectly in the spirit of the place. Typically, you start off with the ingredient that gives name to the restaurant: fava fries. After that, it is watching the parade of flavors that can both appreciate a trip to other stops such as return to the authentic culinary traditions regional. The product, incidentally, is the great concern of the house, committed to local ingredients, kitchen sustainable, and respect for the environment. Crepes of sardines or samosas, cod, mussels in green sauce, and shrimp tempura are the snacks. Head here for dishes such as the salmon in wine reduction green and the cod Will to the Beans, the steak, sausage or loaf of the ox. Accompany with the wine of the house: the green nectars of Adega Cooperativa de Ponte da Barca.
Rua Doutor Alberto Cruz, 13, Ponte da Barca. Tel. 258 027 769

Full Of Stars – Sapientia Boutique Hotel
It can be said that this is the great secret that this hotel unit ‘hides’ in the sight of all the people: at the top of the building, one terrace with 360 degree views over the city and the university allows you to realize why UNESCO has classified this area of the University of Coimbra and the high as World Heritage of Humanity. Officially called the rooftop of the hotel, Full of Stars and there are packages tailored for various tastes. The Just the Two of Us Is That we Know includes a dinner, elegantly served and accompanied by violins, Sometimes Love… waiver descriptions complicated, since it involves everything that couples might want to make a night unique. There are even options for groups or, simply, the option of having to open a bottle of sparkling wine and stay in a chair, slowly, to see the sun disappear over the houses of the city, always with the river Mondego , is part of the scenario. Remember that even to the side, precisely at the same height of the rooftop of the Sapientia Boutique Hotel and a few meters away, is the stunning Joanine Library and the Tower of the University.
Largo Augusto Hilário, 9, Coimbra, Portugal. Tel. 239 151 803

Bar dos Gémeos
On the Beach of Carcavelos, as the name turns out to indict, this bar is run by two brothers, twins. And, like all brothers, they have many stories to tell. But they are not the only ones. The Bar of the Twins has 24 years of existence and several works of renewal and adaptation along the way, the last being made already this year. All in wood, with light décor and an informal atmosphere, on the inside it is possible to see the transformations of the space in the photographs hanging on the wall. Already the fresh air, the sunny terrace invites guests to prolong the evening. The music relaxed service and helpful staff make up the final touch, in addition to which are also the motto for enjoy this place for a much longer time. The ideology of the owners is simple: the waves of the sea are the only ones that they like; the Nature and the environment are always a concern. This bar is pet friendly for pets to accompany owners. It is a space unpretentious, which already saw several children and has already been the stage of so many other life stories, and not only. The secret is the passion for the sea and the smile that accompanies the service to the table. On the menu there are the famous burgers (from €4,80), salads (from $ 6), sandwiches (from €3,50) and toasted sandwiches (from $ 4). In the menu of the drinks, you can count on with natural juices, and still with a long list of spirits.
Avenida Marginal, Praia de Carcavelos. Tel. 214 579 274

Bar do Guincho
It seems impossible, but the truth is that there are already more than 30 years! The Bar in the Winch was born in 1987 and has always been one of the main temples of the celebration of the sunset. The terrace, with various sections, provides safeguards against the famous wind, that so much joy gives to those who practice sports more extreme, before the windsurf, the kitesurf. From the bar (no table service), each one follows its like, between a beer or a gin, or the extensive menu of snacks, with about a dozen salads, toasted sandwiches various, burgers and sandwiches, not to waste the day on the beach. You can also choose through the list of appetizers, especially the clams to the Winch (€13) or the mussels to the sailor’s (€12). In the cold days, secure in the interior of the wooden building, dominated by the warm fireplace.
Estrada do Abano, 547, Winch. Tel. 214 871 547

Fort Of São Filipe
Built in the SIXTEENTH century, the Fort of São Filipe reopened refurbished in march 2017, with a terrace, stunning view over the sea and the river Sado, the city of Setúbal, Tróia and the mills of serra da Arrábida. The outdoor space is cozy and has a very relaxed, perfect for relaxing during the itinerary in the fishing town. It is perfect as a meeting point between friends, especially at the end of the afternoon, already has the support of a cafeteria-bar. In the available list are listed in the drinks that follow the trends of today, such as cocktails, in addition to the beer, to refresh body and soul after a day of work. Inside the building there is a shop with regional products available for sale, in addition to an information centre of tourism.
The Pousada de Setúbal, Road Castle Are. Tel. 910 587 550

Restaurant Zavial
Serve seafood with the sound of music chillout, mixed with the sound of the waves of the sea and spiced with a view of the phenomenal to the beach where it was looking for the name. The dining room of the Restaurant Zavial recalls ancient times and evokes the memories of the Discoveries, date of the oldest records on the beach. The terrace, with hats of straw, and a view of the sea, it is possible to see the force of Nature that all the years removes the sand from the beach in the winter. The sand back during the spring and early summer (it is a natural process cleaning), which makes this beach a paradise location. The letter is replete with proposals of seafood, with the highlight for the popular mussels to Zavial, but the dish most requested and the one that motivates pilgrimages is the “cataplana” clams, perfect to share between friends, in special in the middle of a beach day.
Zavial beach. Tel. 282 639 282

Puro Beach Vilamoura
On the beach in front of the hotel Tivoli Marina Vilamoura, the Pure Beach Vilamoura is a space completely renovated and it promises to be one of the highlights of the summer in the algarve. Immaculately white in the outside and inside use and abuse of the balinese beds or sun loungers (from €40), in addition to massage services and a shisha. When the sun sets, the sand turns into a dance floor to the sound of the best DJ of the moment, accompanied by a wide choice of cocktails , and signature. Both at lunch and dinner, the letter also presents a variety of dishes from fish and seafood, including some surprises, like the rare and today they sell for. In the showcase at the entrance to the dining room, you can choose, if the sea to help, between the clams, shrimp, duck, carabineros, oysters, cockles and razorfish.
The beach of Vilamoura, Loulé. Tel. 289 303 303

Quinta dos Perfumes
The terrace is the result of the works of transformation of the Quinta dos Perfumes, which now has more rooms and more offering. Surrounded by orange groves, that paint the scenario almost to the sea, the terrace on the first floor provides relaxing moments, whether in the comfortable chairs facing the sun, whether it be at the tables covered with hats where you can enjoy a gin and, of course, a freshly squeezed orange juice freshly squeezed. The meals, always subject to marking, may pass for local products, lightweight and perfect to experience the beach without fear. If the heat tighten, walk through the orange grove and find the almost hidden pool between the trees, also with a poolside bar, and a phenomenal day beds for moments more reserved and rest endless. For an appetite, take advantage of the bicycles to get to know the property.
Conceição de Tavira, Tavira. Tel. 281 327 233

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