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Who is friend, who is it? Is the Bastard, with lunch, €10!

Three years have passed since the inauguration, and still today it is not easy to score a table for dinner in the restaurant Bastard, in the International Design Hotel, located in the shortest street of Lisbon. “Ah, but you can go to the lunch that always has less people”. Well, you can, but it is not the same thing, tell the reader.

The lunches continue to be the poor relative of the meals, that bastard who is always on the tap box and that clears easily with a sandwich of breaded, and a Sumol pineapple – or a soup and a patty, not to be offended the movement anti-fried. Has hunger because, in the middle of the day, the sun was already high and the day long, but unfortunately the time available to meet such a basic need is inversely proportional to the will.

There will always be the dishes of the day of the restaurants close to work, the board requentadas with the remains of the dinner of the previous day to get the situation, but is yet to be born who rejoice with any one of these options.

This was why, to know what the hurry is enemy of perfection, that the chief of David Jesus has decided to revolutionize the lunch summer restaurant Bastard. To avoid the delay of the orders to the letter – although the restaurant has a menu dedicated to lunch and the waste caused daily in the kitchen (a restaurant is not the home of the parents, where one takes a tupperware with the leftover), added to charter seven new dishes that solve two problems at once: on the one hand, arrive at the table in the blink of an eye, which allows a meal to be enjoyed with calm as possible when you have only one hour to dispatch the subject, and, on the other, solves the problem of the surplus in the refrigerator.

These are suggestions, and rotating that depend on only of the that the head is in the morning in the kitchen. Every day, between Monday and Friday, and until the end of September, there is an option of salad and another of rice – the first for those who do not forsake healthy meals, the second to shut up from time to time that the weakness of the middle of the day.

Couscous salad and citrus; Kibble rogue pumpkin with salad of watercress and a sauce of sweet chili; Risotto of beetroot with tuna; salmon Salad, mozarela and tomato; Salad with feta, watermelon and orange, and Rice stew with tuna braseado and Salad carpaccio of octopus make up the squad of the summer season of the Bastard, and despite not having periodicity fixed, offer the assurance of a meal substantial, technically very creative in cooking and the price friend: dish and fresh lemonade from the house for €10.
Dessert and coffee are paid a part, but as it is with plenty of time, don’t leave before you try the cream brûlée with sorbet of coconut, green tea and curd lemon (€8).

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