Workshop of the Duke: A sardine extraordinary on the day of Santo António

Because today is still the day of the party the snack more and more popular Lisbon shows up with the new look. A sardine sui generis to enjoy with the blessing of the patron saint of Lisbon.

On the day of the feast, the restaurant Oficina do Duque makes the sardine a dish extraordinary. The delicacy more typical of the Popular Saints joins the ingredients, more noble, creating the perfect combination to enjoy during the festivities of Lisbon. The fish most Portuguese is transformed into something unique by the hands of chef Rui Rebelo, with a cone of bamboo charcoal, sardine, seaweed, coriander and ginger.

Turn the ordinary into the extraordinary” is the motto of the chief under this opportunity leads to your kitchen. At this time, stresses, sardines could not be the exception. “To join the elements of land and sea, we have created a ‘Sardine Extraordinary’, to celebrate the saints with the city”, explains Rui Rebelo.

And because today is the day of Santo António, the ‘Sardine Extraordinary’ becomes part of the menu of the Workshop of the Duke (the Sidewalk of the Duke 43, Lisbon. Tel. 210 996 354), and here it remains until the end of the month.Three cones cost €6,5.

If you have eaten sardines that arrive by these days, there are more snacks to taste in the Workshop of the Duke, among which are the boiled Octopus with mashed of potatoes (€6,5), the Assortment of burgers from squid and cow in homemade bread (€13), the Bitoque (€11,5) whose sauce takes 16 hours to prepare the oxtail (€13), or Couscous with frozen mint (€9,5). To follow we suggest the refreshing Absolut Basil, cocktail, ice cream from the basil that reveals itself to be the ideal choice for the days – and nights – warmer, and the days of the feast as is the case today.

Take the opportunity to “take the banality of simplicity” in this kitchen “instinct” where the chef Rui Rebelo, who has gone through various corners of the globe, studied in Brazil and in Barcelona, he worked in restaurants with Michelin stars, such as the Alkymia and the Abac, and with well-known chefs such as Ferran Adrià and Ramon Morató takes advantage of your creativity.

Yesterday was a long night but this space has recently open also at lunch, every day.

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