World day of Nutella: desserts author in Lisbon and Gaia

The World Day of Nutella came in 2007 on the initiative of Sara Rosso, a blogger and fan of the popular chocolate cream with hazelnut, cocoa and milk, who at the time lived in Italy. Quickly the initiative has become global. Today, day 5 of February, lovers of this product are invited to eat Nutella in the most varied locations, share recipes, take photos, and endless initiatives which can be found in the website World Nutella Day.

Portugal, as you would expect, has also lined up in this celebration, with several restaurants (and not only) to prepare desserts made with Nutella. In Lisbon, the newly opened Papi & Lobster (Rua da Costa, 10, Lisbon. Tel. 213 901 743) decided to bet on two recipes, not getting by the ease of just creating a dessert. Taking into account that the Nutella came out of the creation of an Italian – Pierro Ferrero, the chief of this restaurant, also Italian, has two new unique creations: the Pizza Ripiena , and the Bavarese Nutella with banana of coal, (both $ 4.50). The Pizza Ripiena, designed by chef Giorgio Rattini, is an adaptation of the from a pizza “calzone”, with fresh pasta and a room full of Nutella. The second option, Bavarese Nutella with bananas to coal, is considered to be “a little more irreverent”. This is a dessert “with intensity on the palate,” says the restaurant team Papi & Lobster.

In the Great Harbour, the restaurant, Food & Friends, installed in the hotel Holiday Inn Porto Gaia Rua Diogo Macedo 220, Vila Nova de Gaia. Tel. 223 747 500), prepared exclusively for this day, a special dessert: Cheesecake Nutella and strawberries macerated in mint ice cream straciatela (€6), by chef Luís Santos.

For the more distracted is the information: every 2.5 seconds is sold a container of Nutella.

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