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Yoga classes are a taster for the new brunch healthy, in Cascais

During the holidays, it is not easy to maintain the strict diet and abuse in the “blunders” at the table is quite common, we know very well. It is also a practice that if you want to resolved, if possible, still during the month of September. To clean the body and to return in a big way to the work, the Sheraton Cascais Resort proposes a brunch, healthy with a yoga class. Only available on Saturdays, the program begins at 10: 00 a.m., with the classes of yoga, followed by brunch from 12: 30 (ends at 16.00).

This Saturday, the 22nd of September, takes place the first edition, and the team of Good Bed Good Table, she took the tracksuit bottoms of the closet to go and experience this new program.

The yoga class lasts about 50 minutes and is expected to precede the meal. Between the positions of standing, sitting and lying on their sides, you can expect moments very relaxing and others more challenging. The teacher Isabel Warrior will tell you that “never forget to breathe, when you are in a position of effort, the breath will help”. If you are not a practitioner of this modality, which was our case, on some occasions you may very well feel like you give up or cheating. Instead, take a deep breath and be patient, because after the class, the effort will be well worth it.

Not only for brunch, which is served in buffet breakfast, but for the feeling of lightness in the body. However, and despite this lesson we have conquered, the food continues to be our specialty. Having said that, a question, after all what makes this brunch healthy? So many options. Since the pudding of chia, gazpacho of watermelon, natural yoghurt with granola and fruit to pancakes almond with red fruit, spiky fruit, and wraps. There is still the possibility of making your own bawl, with different ingredients, exposed on a table, such as carrots, salmon, tuna, quinoa, avocado, tomato, among others. To track count with several freshly squeezed juices, like mango orange, pineapple or apple.

In addition to this the buffet table full of tasty options and very healthy, still come to the table with other dishes, such as baked sweet Potatoes with mini vegetables and cottage cheese, chicken Breast with vegetables and, to finish, Pineapple with chilli and mint.

The brunch healthy at the Sheraton (Rua das Palmeiras, Lote 5 – Quinta da Marinha, Cascais. Tel. 214829100) is still very much biological, as some ingredients come from the vegetable garden of the resort, such as chillies, for example. All the recipes were created by chef Tiago Vitorino in conjunction with the nutritionist Mariana Abecasis. This meal takes place every Saturday and has a cost of €39 without the yoga class and €49 with the class. For the kids, the price is €19 without yoga and €29 with the lesson. It is still possible to use the swimming pool during the time period of the brunch and of the yoga session, that is, between 10h00 and 16h00.

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