Zé Manel dos Ossos: badge gastronomic of Coimbra

Many lines have already wrote the Zé Manel dos Ossos but oddly, no memory of anyone ever having spoken from the crocodile nailed to the ceiling. Already heard stories about tickets that customers leave on the wall, on the queues at the gate, detailed descriptions of the space that is so castiço, and small signal, but the absence of the report on the animal’s huge hanging over the tables leads us to believe that very few people have taken the eyes of the dish.

For those who are going to Coimbra, it is almost certain that the recommendation for dinner is the “Zé Manel dos Ossos”. There are those who will be alarmed by the name because you eat the bones doesn’t sound like much said so suddenly.

In accuracy the restaurant is called only Zé Manel, the name of the founder, who today, at age 85, has passed the pots to the next generation. Opened as a tavern in 1942, and only in 1959 that became home of the pastures, serving enclosed pickle and bones of pork cooked. The two dishes were in the letter and transformararm in good obligations for those who feel in this house. The enclosed (€0.35 to drive) to entertain, the bones (€5,75) to start and then the beans of the wild boar (€8,10). Or, you can stay by the bones and to go adapting the doses to the extent that if will fixing to eat them. It is necessary escarafunchar – battle sometimes – to be able to boot that little bit that was stuck to the bottom.

The Zé Manel dos Ossos (the Alley of the Furnace, 12, Coimbra, portugal. Tel. 239 823 790) has not changed much since the beginning, but has been adding to over the years, other regional specialties, cooked to the former, as is the case of the Chanfana to the fashion of the village with baked potato and Costeletinhas pork with rice and beans. The towels are paper, is the wine of the house, in a jar or bottle, and the meal must end with a “stay home”, the name chosen for the sweet eggs with almond.

Although it is well hidden in an alley of Downtown Coimbra, there are many years that no one runs the risk of appearing without reservation – there is no memory of anyone having been able to place without having to wait at the door. If you want to try the luck, the ideal is to arrive early to go asking a few beers over the counter to pass the time.

The space Zé Manel dos Ossosin Coimbra, is one of the institutions selected to join the guide Bars, and Snacks by Boa cama Boa Mesa”, which will be on sale with the Express, from the 18th of November.

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