Zenith Brunch & Cocktails: The phenomenon of the Port has just come to Lisbon

The house mother has exactly 16.1 thousand followers on social networks in Lisbon, which opened two days ago, has already surpassed 1500. A startup discreet, in spite of that, if you guess more a success for the coffee-brunch country’s most famous – if you will forgive on the other.

There were those who rumasse the North purpose to join the tribe of the Zenith Brunch & Cocktails without leaving demover by the long queues that stretched around the Praça Carlos Alberto.
In Lisbon, you will find the famous poached eggs breaded – the more fotogénicos of the letter – on the Street Telhal, right next to the Avenida da Liberdade, in a space of aesthetics and environment precisely replicates the home Port. Brick walls of rough, industrial style, modern furniture and a team of young and well-willing that will be unfolding between the service in the lounge and the cocktails behind the counter.

Naturally, the natural juices, the teas and the coffees grinds and different backgrounds are the big companies of the late breakfasts, but because here these are served throughout the day, it made sense to include a few spirits on the menu. Hence comes the designation of the name, which does not forget to include cocktails. There are 15 in total and have in the sangria of the house (€10), the preferred of those who come in. The mimosa, mojito and bellini of strawberry ice cream (€6) are those who are best in photography and, say we, those that marry perfectly with the meal.

There are eggs benedict on the traditional version (€6,5) served on toast toasted bread and cream of avocado. They can be more greedy with the additions of bacon or salmon and does not exempt the famous hollandaise sauce flooding the plate. All right, therefore. Then come the poached eggs breaded (€8,5), a classic of the house that comes in a double dose, and brings with ham and crunchy, avocado, tomato and salad.
Speaking of which, the options of salads also make rock the heart. There’s the chicken, salmon and vegan, but it’s worth it to go for the Zenith, which joins the base of the lettuce and sweet potato, and peppers sauteed, dried tomatoes, avocado and poached egg (€10).

At the end of it all, with the first button of the trousers to want to give of themselves, there are two ways to end with dignity: or follows by the customary desserts (slice of homemade cake, pastel de nata, or muffin), or gains the courage to embark on a plate of pancakes. They are huge, decadent and well worth the push. Suggest the with sauce of peanut butter or nutella (€6), with banana, strawberries, desiccated coconut and vanilla ice cream. If it is to be, that is with everything.

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